Taberna da Poncha: Sensational Nectar and a Peanut Floor

A serra d'água, no concelho da Ribeira Brava, é um ponto de paragem obrigatório para todos os fãs de poncha.

It is on the road connecting the island from north to south that this tempting place is located, for all those who pass through the island.

Dating nearly 70 years, this old grocery store is a heritage that has crossed several generations, becoming a place full of tradition and popularity, not only among Madeirans but also among all tourists who visit this island.

When you arrive at the tavern you won’t have much to worry about parking your car, if this is your means of transportation, since the establishment has two parking lots with a considerable capacity.

The interior of the tavern is characterized by two types of decoration very peculiar and of the customers’ responsibility: the peanut shells on the floor and the various souvenirs placed on the walls and ceiling (cards, banknotes, coins, scarves, postcards, pennants and papers with dedications and autographs. The storyline says that the peanut shells on the floor served to keep it dry, thus preventing customers from slipping on the drink spilled on the floor.

Inside the Tavern. (Picture: Tripadvisor)

Initially only the traditional “Poncha à Pescador” (sugar cane rum with lemon peel pressed and mixed with sugar) was served, but over time they began to make the so-called “Poncha Regional” (sugar cane rum with lemon juice and bee honey). It was only from the 1980s that they began to add orange juice, usually used when there were few lemons, which led a client to suggest the use of orange as a substitute for lemon, since it is also a citrus fruit. The experience resulted in a rather pleasant and aromatic drink that quickly “fell into the bloom” of Madeirans.

Recently new flavors were introduced at the request of several customers, resulting in two other offers: “Poncha de Maracujá” and “Poncha de Tangerina“. The latter two are mild, as they are made with a 40-degree white rum instead of the usual 50. Since “Taberna da Poncha” is a family-friendly site, it is also possible to find an alcohol-free Poncha, intended for the younger generations.

To conclude, NiM also recommends the notorious “Nikita“. This drink, which is a sort of milkshake, can be found with or without alcohol. The alcoholic drink contains ice cream, pineapple, and beer, while in the non-alcoholic drink, beer is replaced by the Madeiran soft drink “Brisa Maracujá“.

Are you convinced on trying out this “magic potion”? Then take a hop to the Taberna da Poncha! It is open every day, from 10am to 1am!

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