Discover Everything Ponta de São Lourenço has to Offer

A NiM planeou para ti a perfeita aventura náutica.

Ponta de São Lourenço, known for its landscapes, different from all of Madeira, is the perfect setting for a summer day. Out here, in the parish of Caniçal, you can discover and enjoy unmatched flora and fauna. You will also get to know very intriguing rock formations, resulting from the island’s volcanic origin.

Photo: Maria Sousa

NiM strongly recommends the activities performed by Madeira Sea Emotions, as a way to explore this area as it had never done before. It has a vast range of alternatives that will take your breath away. From boat trips to kayaks, Madeira Sea Emotions promotes to the visitor everything he had dreamed and beyond.

Photo: Maria Sousa

If not convinced, NiM provides you with one more reason to stay. Besides everything that was mentioned, Madeira Sea Emotions decided to create a very appealing promotion for the summer. The selling outplaces of the trips are at Marina Quinta do Lorde and Casa do Sardinha Natur Spot Café (prices available in the picture below).

Apart from the crystal-clear waters by the wharf, there is always the possibility to have lunch at the Casa do Sardinha Natur Spot Café, making it the most ideal place to spend the day, without hunger getting in your way.

NiM wishes you a wonderful adventure in Ponta de São Lourenço.

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