A Pipa: The Gathering of the Madeiran Flavors

Situado no centro da freguesia do Porto da Cruz, o Restaurante “A Pipa” é um dos sítios que melhor faz jus à qualidade da comida tradicional madeirense.

One of Madeira’s main posters has long been its cuisine. We are known for the breathtaking sceneries, the passionate trails but also for the intense and rather typical flavours of our food. Examples of this are the countless places where we can find them.

However, this article will only focus in one: “A Pipa“, a must-visit place with friends or family!

Its cozy wooden setting and, as the name indicates, the kites (A Pipa = The Kite) are well established, allowing for an exquisite tasting experience in a deeply familiar environment.

Whoever eats here always ends up coming back, either for the fresh fish, the grilled squid, or the famous kebab. Rare are those do not return.

To combine with delicious food and the friendly staff, there are also the renowned Ponchas and the fine wines. However, be careful, the weekly break is on Mondays.

When planning your next dinner and, don’t forget, to single out
“A Pipa”!

Location → Casas Proximas, Porto da Cruz, Madeira 9225-050 Portugal

Facebook → Bar A Pipa

Reviews → @tripadvisor – Snack Bar A Pipa


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