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Adega Moniz: a Reference Point for Fine Wine and Delicious Tapas

Se gostas de te deliciar com um vinho de qualidade e de petiscar, a NiM apresenta-te um espaço que tem mesmo de fazer parte do teu roteiro.

Adega Moniz, located in Santa Cruz, near Aquaparque Madeira, is the ideal place to enjoy a wonderful time with family and friends. To complement it, there are numerous proposals for appetizers and tasty treats. You’ll be baffled with so many  mouth-watering  choices to choose from.

Regarding the wines, these are the protagonists of Adega Moniz and in its facilities there is a multitude of choices ranging from the most inexpensive to the most extravagant ones, as well as white wines (also known as the “cold wines”), ideal for refreshing yourself during the tropical  summer days, and the  red wines, perfect for the upcoming season: the winter, as people refer to them as the “hottest” wines.

Tapas (1) → small amounts of food (usually Spanish food) that are served, especially with alcoholic drinks, in bars and restaurants.  
(Source: Cambridge Dictionary of the English Language)

To help you when choosing appetizers, here are some suggestions:
  • The Cheese and Sausage tapas (1) are a perfect option for those who enjoy these delicacies. The quality and freshness of the products is always evident;
  • Cream cheese with jam, will be jaw dropping for those who appreciate combining the jam with the intense flavor of the wine;
  • Laminated Beef with Garlic, terrific to go with Bolo do Caco (an Arab/Turkish inspired bread, based on the Syrian bread “Pita”) and a wine of your choice;
  • Farinheira (traditional Portuguese sausage) is always tricky not to re-order  over and over again!

If you’re planning to visit the place, NiM strongly recommends you to make a previous reservation, since given the current Covid-19 prevention guidelines and due to the large number of people who come to the area, there are some restrictions regarding the number of people who can be in the area simultaneously.

Phone number: 965 336 562



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