Gate 23: Check In on the New Venue

Entra na nova porta do aeroporto e desfruta de um bom momento.

Beneath the Cristiano Ronaldo Airport runway, in the Parque Desportivo de Água de Pena, you can find an innovative venue suitable for all kinds of tastes and ages.

At a time of pandemic, many businesses were forced to close doors, some temporarily and others even reaching an end of cycle. MAV presents, in this article, a space born in a troublesome time in the international panorama, and proves that we are not always wrong, when we risk choosing a path that few would choose. After 7 years working abroad and 18 working in the leisure and nightlife sector, Sérgio Vasconcelos decided to fulfill an old dream: to open a bar in the place where he was born, Machico. Gate 23.… is thus the name of an objective materialized, with date of foundation in the symbolic day 10 of June of 2020 The name of this establishment is based on the fact that it is located in the surrounding area of airport, being this the door that was missing for a good moment of fun and socializing, in a calm, comfortable and inspiring environment. And why 23? It is the owner’s favorite number.

This place denotes a unique personality of all the other areas. “The music, the decoration, the detail and the innovation, are aspects that clearly differentiate us from other spaces”.

The bar area represents a small kiosk, and the main substance of this site ends up being its vast terrace, with tables and seats in every way and shape. You will find from pouffes to wooden slats and various reused objects, which make a unique decoration to this space. Gate 23 has already held all kinds of events, namely sporting, cultural and social. During your experience at Gate, you will enjoy background music that blends in with the space. “Whether it’s late afternoon for a coffee, or evening for a Gin, the essence is always there.”

The venue provides quality and extremely appealing prices, being an ideal place to relax at the end of the day, after work, with family or friends. The house specialties are the spirits, from which we highlight the Gin, an ideal drink for you to enjoy accompanied by a good conversation and the crispy chips, which are served with a delicious cocktail sauce. With different living areas, it is possible to have different vibrations in the same environment, where you will find from youth groups to couples or families. Regarding the DGS rules, these are scrupulously followed and guaranteed by GATE 23 staff.

MAV wishes you a smooth “landing”

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