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New Pandemic Measures to Stop COVID-19

O ano é novo, no entanto o Covid-19 ainda irá permanecer por mais algum tempo perto de nós. Para tal, o Governo Regional da Madeira apostou em medidas que visam minimizar os contactos entre pessoas de modo a tentar travar a pandemia.

Are you aware of the measures to stop the pandemic in Madeira?

In this article, NiM shows you the set of measures enforced until at least January 31st, aimed at containing the outbreak of the pandemic:

  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden at the entrance of commercial establishments, restaurants, and any other alike products. The consumption of such items should occur only at the tables on the terraces or inside the establishments.
  • Mandatory Curfew from Monday to Friday between 7:00 PM and 5:00 AM and on weekends between 6:00 PM and 5:00 AM.
  • Attendance classes are suspended in the 3rd cycle and high school.
  • Closure of economic activities at 6 PM, Monday to Friday, and at 5 PM during the weekend. The exceptions are: Pharmacies, Medical and Veterinary Clinics, Home Care Services and Fueling Stations solely for vehicle refueling.


To these guidelines, we add the civil duties of staying at home whenever possible, thus avoiding the clusters of people in what is known, as one of the worst infectious stages since the beginning of the pandemic.

Please do remember wear your mask and sanitize your hands frequently!

Daniela Abreu

- Técnica Superior de Comunicação e Media (CMMACHICO) - Gestora de Redes Sociais - Pro Makeup Artist - Blogue Pessoal:

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  1. Sera que chegam estas medidas para travar o virus? Outros paises optaram por um lockdown total so sair para as compras e trabalhar, mesmo assim sem resultados animadores .
    O novo virus e de maior rapidez de transmissao e como ja comprovaram em Inglatera e mais mortal.
    Esperam que a Madeira recupere o mais rapido possivel pois precisa do turismo e porque tambem quero ir visitar a Madeira .

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