4Litro Shrove Tuesday Special

O famoso grupo humorístico madeirense agendou para esta terça-feira, dia 16 de fevereiro, um espetáculo em que o tema é o Carnaval. Estás preparado/a para rir?

In a pandemic time, the secret across the most diverse sectors is to reinvent yourself in order to keep your activity going. An example of this is 4Litro, who during this last year have been strongly committed to live streaming as a way to keep making their audience laugh.

As a result of the current restraining measures, this year it won’t be possible to celebrate Shrove Tuesday here in Madeira. Nevertheless, the humorous group is willing to make you remember the typical jokes and disguises that are characteristic of this time of year.

Are you interested? Then all you should buy your ticket through the following link → Na Minha Terra.The price is 4.99€, a symbolic amount for the fun that awaits you. This is also a way of contributing to the cultural sector, in this case the 4Litro group.

The moment will be broadcast on the “Na Minha Terra” channel, which will transpire into an outstanding display of audio and video quality.

Get your tickets now!

Daniela Abreu

- Técnica Superior de Comunicação e Media (CMMACHICO) - Gestora de Redes Sociais - Pro Makeup Artist - Blogue Pessoal: https://wordpress.com/view/danielaferreiraabreu.wordpress.com

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