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The Atlantic Festival is back in Fuchal

O mês de junho traz de volta o verão e com ele regressa o bom tempo, as férias, a animação e as festas, tão caraterísticas do povo madeirense

The Atlantic Festival, a magical event that has been brightening Saturday nights in the city of Funchal for about 20 years, begins next Saturday,

This is one of the many events that mark the arrival of summer to Madeira Island and it extends throughout the month of June, combining fireworks shows with music and other cultural and artistic activities.

On the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th of this month, starting at 10:30 pm, the skies of Funchal will, once again, be filled with brightness and color. The pyromusical shows that will be presented are part of an international competition and last approximately 20 minutes. They’re accompanied by a soundtrack, which turns Funchal’s bay into a beautiful natural amphitheater, once again.

Simultaneously with this event, the Festival Raízes do Atlântico will also take place at Praça do Povo, offering several concerts, in which the dissemination of music with traditional Atlantic inspiration is the main focus. The invited artists belong both to a national and na international context.

In addition to all this, the city will also be full of entertainment provided by folk groups and other artists, not forgetting that, in this period, the festivities of the Popular Saints also begin.

We’re sure that, just like us, after these two very unusual years, you feel happy to see our island being filled with life and excitement again!

We can only ask… Do you already have plans for the weekend? What are you waiting for?

Go to Funchal and don’t miss the opportunity to experience magical moments again! The best part is that all the activities presented are for free!

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