About us

NIM – New in Madeira – is an online platform intended to spread and promote the island of Madeira, not only to those who visit us, but also to those who live here, but are not aware of the hidden paradise this island has to offer. Here, we promisse you that will either get to know or remember of, places to visit, leisure activities to do, restaurants for you  to savour our local gastronomy and much more! Join us as well  through social media, and above all, enjoy the, long-time recognized as the “Pearl of the Atlantic”. Instagram: @newinmadeira Facebook: NIM – New in Madeira Team: Getting to Know – Daniela Abreu Events – Joana Silva Sports – Guilherme Beno Health – André Freitas Social – André Freitas Design – Ana Freitas Logo – Carolina Costa English Translation 🇬🇧 – Nuno Martins

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